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Red bee shrimp

Features of Miracle Soil

◆ Bottom sand for ornamental fish tanks (black granular soil) 1.5 to 3.3 mm.

◆ It is heat-treated using carefully selected natural minerals and humic dark soil, so it can be used with confidence.

  - Ideal for raising and breeding aquarium fish in weakly acidic soft water systems, such as red bee shrimp, and growing aquatic plants!

  - Due to its porous structure, it has excellent adsorption ability for pigments and harmful substances such as driftwood scum, ensuring clear water.

  - Promotes plant growth through the natural nutrients and mineral content available to plants, such as fertilizers.

  - Stabilizes water quality (pH).

Miracle Soil
  • Water quality adjustment (㏗) stable

  • Rich in minerals

  • Pigments adsorption (driftwood lye, etc.)

  • Grow aquatic plants

  • Toxic substance adsorption capacity

  • Excellent filtration function

[Soil made by blending three types of soil]

About Miracle Soil

① Features

The main raw materials are volcanic dark soil such as black soil, shirasu, and silica sand, and natural minerals, and are made into the optimal bottom stone for aquariums, etc. Shirasu and silica sand, which also have purifying properties, are also used as filter media in water purification plants, and are expected to extend the lifespan of Red Bee Shrimps, which are considered difficult to raise.

② Constituent raw materials

Black soil... According to research by Kumamoto University, black soil (Aso volcanic ash soil) has a strong ability to adsorb phosphoric acid, and while it causes poor fruit set in fields, it has a strong moss control effect in aquariums.

Shirasu... A volcanic plateau consisting of Shirasu, which is widely distributed across Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures.It is the result of a huge volume of ejecta that flowed out in pyroclastic flows from volcanic eruptions tens of thousands to thousands of years ago, which cooled and solidified. The porous structure of shirasu particles and the main ingredients, such as silicic acid (a raw material for dehumidifying materials such as silica gel) and alumina (highly adsorbing moisture and gases), have excellent deodorizing and humidity control functions, so they are used as filter materials in water purification plants. It is also used as a constituent material of Miracle Soil.

Silica sand...Silica sand is a general term for quartz sand rich in silicic acid. The main component of this sand is silicic acid (Sio₂), which accounts for approximately 28% of the earth's surface and is an inexhaustible underground resource, second only to oxygen (O₂). Silica sand (silica sand, silica sand) is a general term for quartz sand with a high content of silicon dioxide (SiO2). Distributed in strata and sand dunes on land, silica sand is a common industrial raw material used in glass, foundry, ceramic and refractory materials, metallurgy, architecture, chemical engineering, plastics, rubber, abrasives, and paints. It is widely used in industries such as On the other hand, it is also used as an aquarium bottom stone. The effect is to stabilize the water quality and create an ideal environment. Our Miracle Soil uses pulverized silica sand and mixes it.

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