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[Goldfish food] “Hareru-Ya”
Contents: 50g / ¥1100 (tax included)

Goldfish food "Hareru-Ya" is a special effect feed developed to promote the growth of fish that have lost their physical strength due to gill disease.

Goldfish food "Hareru-Ya"
Goldfish food "Hareru-Ya"

[ Please give at times like these ] 

• When both gills are not working properly. (gill disease)

• When feeding is poor. When swimming is slow. When floating vaguely near the surface of the water.

• When changing water, goldfish moves normally, but it floats around and moves when someone approaches. (water exposure disease)

• When goldfish is under stress, such as when traveling to a fair, or when it becomes unwell due to stress.

• In early spring, when you wake up goldfish. If you feed it before the conventional food, it will prevent diseases.

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