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[Moina & Paramecium food]
Sales plan/Contents: 1g x 10 bags

It is a bait for culturing daphnia and paramecium, which are food for fry of tropical fish.
The peculiarity of this product is that both daphnia and paramecium are fed the same food.

Moina & Paramecium food

[ Cultivation method of Moina & Paramecium ]

• Pour water and one sachet of this product (1g) into another small bottle, stir well, and dissolve completely before giving.

• When there are few Moinas or paramecium, they eat less food, so the water is cloudy, but as the number of Moina or paramecium increases and the food decreases, the water becomes clearer.

• Once it becomes transparent, dissolve the sachet of this product (1g) in another container with water and sprinkle it all over the area.

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