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Company Profile

Company overview

  Address:  6-18 Chuo, Mizumaki-machi, Onga-gun, Fukuoka province, Japan

  TEL: 093-202-2637 / FAX: 093-202-9621


  Founded in 1986

  Established on October 9th, 2019


  1986: Family Pet Mizumaki was opened as a private business

  1991: Established as Aqua City Co., Ltd.

  1993: Miracle 1 (Water quality regulator and organic flocculant) was developed.

  1995: Developed and sold master soil.

  1998: Developed an oil film removal device.

  2004: Developed Golden crayfish

  2012: Terrarium filter (Terafilter) was developed [Design registered] 

  2019: Established Kizuna Co., Ltd. to carry out import and export business

  2021: Developed and sold Miracle Soil

THE appeal of company

◆ Miracle soil is ideal for breeding weakly acidic soft-water aquarium fish, red bee shrimp, etc. and for growing aquatic plants!

  • The Soil has both nutritional and adsorption capabilities

  • Water quality adjustment (pH) stable ・ Rich in minerals ・ Pigments adsorption (driftwood lye, etc.) ・ Grow aquatic plants ・ Toxic substance adsorption capacity ・ Excellent filtration function

  • Contains 3 kinds of soil ( Kumamoto Aso volcanic ash deposit soil, Kagoshima Sakurajima Pyroclastic flow sedimentary soil, Fukuoka yellow fine powder soil ) 

   ※Details is here ⇒

◆ We import and sell special aquatic organisms and plants (aquatic plants) from overseas.

We have partner companies in Vietnam and China, we import sell to domestic manufacturers such as aquatic organisms, special aquatic plants abroad within the scope of regulations of the ministries related industry.

◆ We have a strong network with universities and research institutes.

We have a strong network in various forms such as joint research and cooperation with university professors, aquariums, testing centers, inspection institutions, JETRO, manufacturers, etc., based on the aquatic life research of the representative. As a result, we can say that our strength is that we can clear projects that we cannot handle on ourself. 


Thanks to everyone who has been involved in this industry for decades, I have become a professional aquatic organism (plant). The golden crayfish that I developed was also broadcast on the rate 100 views of commercial broadcasters, and the soil distributed in domestic and overseas markets became famous. I have an inquisitive personality and conducts research every day. I will continue to contribute to the industry by focusing on products that I have never seen before and materials that I think are good for my customers. Currently, I am working mainly overseas, and I am struggling to help people in poverty.

Developed products

We researched the breeding of tropical fish, and in order to create the best position for each individual tropical fish, we researched the environment of the tropical fish, first of all, creating water. We would like to introduce what we developed as a result of our efforts.

Miracle1(Water quality regulator and organic flocculant).jpg

Miracle1(Water quality regulator and organic flocculant)
1993 developed

oil film removal device

〈oil film removal device〉
1998 developed

Golden crayfish

2004 developed Golden crayfish.
Scientific name / Procambarus clarkii var.
Distribution / secondary color variation
​Total length / 15 cm

2008 Succeeded in monoculture of Bacillus cereus as a countermeasure against nitrous acid

Results of microbial analysis tests conducted at the Japan Food Research Center Tama Laboratory

●Seed fixation (Bacillus cereus)

●Presence of toxin (bacteria that does not have emetic toxin or diarrhea toxin)

The above has been analyzed and is now being sold to domestic manufacturers.

Miracle Soil

2021 "Miracle Soil" was developed.
◆This soil ideal for breeding weakly acidic soft-water aquarium fish, red bee shrimp, etc. and for growing aquatic plants!

Miracle Soil
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