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Miracle Soil


This soils are used as aquarium substrate.

​(In case you use it for a planted tank or other fish tank other than red bee shrimp, you can skip step 4 and step 5)

Step 1 : Pour water into the tank. (The water surface is about 5 cm from the top of the tank)

Step 2 : Slowly pour the required amount of soils into the tank so that the surface of the substrate is balance.

Step 3 : Use a net to remove floating objects such as pumice stones.

Step 4 : Use a hose to drain all the water in the tank out. (Do not let the soils flow out with the water)

Step 5 : After that, pour the new amount of water needed into the tank.​

Step 6 : Pay attention to the flow of the filter so that the soils do not move.


   Tank size ( ㎝ ) / Red bee shrimp tank /  Planted tank or fish tank
     20✕20✕20  /  800㎖(about 800g) / 2ℓ(about 2 ㎏)
     30✕30✕30  / 1.8ℓ(about 1.8 ㎏) / 4.5ℓ(about 4.5 ㎏)
     60✕30✕36  / 3.6ℓ (about 3.6 ㎏) /  8~9ℓ (about 8~9 ㎏)

※Depending on the shape of the tank, please adjust the appropriate amount of soils. Suitable thickness of the substrate is about 3-5 cm from the bottom of the tank.


  • This is the specialized product for aquariums.

  • During use, if any unusual occurs, stop using it and handle appropriately to ensure the safety for the creatures.

  • Please note that there will be no symptom such as causing disease, killing fish or wilting plant.

  • This product is not edible. Be careful not to let children swallow it. After sue (after opening the package) please keep out of reach of children.

  • ​※Although the management of the production process has been guaranteed very carefully, if there is any defective product due to the production process, we will exchange a new product for customers. However, we are not responsible for defects not caused by production process.

  • ※Specification, design, price...of the product are subject to change without prior notice. Thank for understanding.

Miracle Soil
Miracle Soil

With Miracle Soil, red bee shrimp breeding can be done simply  with 1/2 of the water changes per month.

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